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aegis::permission Class Reference

Utility class for permission checks. More...

#include <permission.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 permission (int64_t allow)
 operator int64_t () const noexcept
int64_t get_allow_perms () const noexcept
bool can_invite () const noexcept
bool can_kick () const noexcept
bool can_ban () const noexcept
bool is_admin () const noexcept
bool can_manage_channels () const noexcept
bool can_manage_guild () const noexcept
bool can_add_reactions () const noexcept
bool can_view_audit_logs () const noexcept
bool can_read_messages () const noexcept
bool can_send_messages () const noexcept
bool can_tts () const noexcept
bool can_manage_messages () const noexcept
bool can_embed () const noexcept
bool can_attach_files () const noexcept
bool can_read_history () const noexcept
bool can_mention_everyone () const noexcept
bool can_external_emoiji () const noexcept
bool can_change_name () const noexcept
bool can_manage_names () const noexcept
bool can_manage_roles () const noexcept
bool can_manage_webhooks () const noexcept
bool can_manage_emojis () const noexcept
bool can_voice_connect () const noexcept
bool can_voice_mute () const noexcept
bool can_voice_speak () const noexcept
bool can_voice_deafen () const noexcept
bool can_voice_move () const noexcept
bool can_voice_activity () const noexcept
bool has_priority_speaker () const noexcept
void set_invite () noexcept
void set_kick () noexcept
void set_ban () noexcept
void set_admin () noexcept
void set_manage_channels () noexcept
void set_manage_guild () noexcept
void set_add_reactions () noexcept
void set_view_audit_logs () noexcept
void set_read_messages () noexcept
void set_send_messages () noexcept
void set_tts () noexcept
void set_manage_messages () noexcept
void set_embed () noexcept
void set_attach_files () noexcept
void set_read_history () noexcept
void set_mention_everyone () noexcept
void set_external_emoiji () noexcept
void set_change_name () noexcept
void set_manage_names () noexcept
void set_manage_roles () noexcept
void set_manage_webhooks () noexcept
void set_manage_emojis () noexcept
void set_voice_connect () noexcept
void set_voice_mute () noexcept
void set_voice_speak () noexcept
void set_voice_deafen () noexcept
void set_voice_move () noexcept
void set_voice_activity () noexcept

Detailed Description

Utility class for permission checks.

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