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aegis::create_bot_t Struct Reference

#include <core.hpp>

Public Member Functions

create_bot_ttoken (const std::string &param) noexcept
create_bot_tthread_count (const uint32_t param) noexcept
create_bot_tforce_shard_count (const uint32_t param) noexcept
create_bot_tfile_logging (const bool param) noexcept
create_bot_tlog_level (const spdlog::level::level_enum param) noexcept
create_bot_tlog_format (const std::string &param) noexcept
create_bot_tio_context (std::shared_ptr< asio::io_context > param) noexcept
create_bot_tlogger (std::shared_ptr< spdlog::logger > param) noexcept
create_bot_tintents (uint32_t param) noexcept

Detailed Description

Class for fluent definition of bot parameters The create_bot_t class allows for fluent initialisation of aegis::core objects

Member Function Documentation

create_bot_t& aegis::create_bot_t::intents ( uint32_t  param)

Defines which events your bot will receive, events that you don't set here will be filtered out from the websocket at discord's side.

paramA bit mask defined by one or more aegis::intents.
reference to self

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