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aegis::create_guild_t Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

create_guild_tname (const std::string &param)
create_guild_tvoice_region (const std::string &param)
create_guild_tverification_level (int param)
create_guild_tdefault_message_notifications (int param)
create_guild_texplicit_content_filter (int param)
create_guild_troles (const std::vector< gateway::objects::role > &param)
create_guild_tchannels (const std::vector< std::tuple< std::string, int >> &param)

Public Attributes

std::string _name
lib::optional< std::string > _voice_region
lib::optional< int > _verification_level
lib::optional< int > _default_message_notifications
lib::optional< int > _explicit_content_filter
lib::optional< std::string > _icon
lib::optional< std::vector
< gateway::objects::role > > 
lib::optional< std::vector
< std::tuple< std::string, int > > > 

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